Record Numbers for Manufacturing in Saskatchewan

A record setting increase in manufacturing shipments places Saskatchewan at second highest across the nation in that sector.

Manufacturing shipments were up 4.7% in November 2012 over November 2011, which is the highest increase for that specific month in our province’s history.

“Saskatchewan is in an enviable position for sure,” said Joanne Johnson with the provincial Ministry of the Economy. “Our economic strength certainly is the envy of most areas simply because we’ve been able to weather the downturns that other areas have not been able to.”

Johnson credits the increase to a diversified economy, saying machinery, chemicals and wood products have carried the bulk of the manufacturing increases.

“In the year-to-date, we’re also seeing strength in machinery manufacturing, wood products, durable and non-durable products and food manufacturing,” she added.

Johnson says not only are we second among all provinces, but results for November are more than nine times the national average of 0.5%, adding this is a testimony to the quality of goods produced in our province, and it helps create jobs, support families and build careers.

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