Property Values Go Up in Province

Property values in Saskatchewan have grown by nearly $40 billion in four years. The total assessed value has moved from $58 billion to $97 billion.

This is evidence of economic strength, but what does it mean for taxpayers?

“The other side of the equation is what effect is that going to have on property tax. There is two parts to that of course, there is municipal side which local municipal governments will need to make that decision and the education property tax which the province will make the decisions on during the budget process,” said Government Relations Minister and Rosetown-Elrose MLA Jim Reiter.

Education property tax is levied on the assessment of property, so the province will need to take a careful look at the impact of the increase in property assessments on taxpayers.  Reiter hopes that municipalities will follow their example to keep their portion of property taxes in check.

via Local News

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