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Small business owners in Sask. most likely to hire in Q2

REGINA — Small business owners in Saskatchewan were more optimistic in February than they were in January, and the most likely to hire employees in the upcoming quarter, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s monthly business barometer. Optimism in Saskatchewan increased to 69.8 in February from an index of 66.7 in January and above the national index of 66.2, the CFIB said Thursday.“After several months of displaying even optimism, it is good to see Saskatchewan’s small business owners had a boost in optimism of more than three points in February, the second-most optimistic province after Alberta,” said Marilyn Braun-Pollon, CFIB’s vice-president for the Prairie region and agri-business. via Leader-Post – Business

Cypress Health a Leader in Reducing Surgical Wait Times

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As our province enters the third year of their four year surgical initiative, which aims to have all surgeries performed in under 3 months by 2014, the Cypress Health Region is performing exceptionally well.

In fact, the Cypress Health Region is one of the top two health regions in terms of this initiative, with 100% of surgeries being performed in under twelve months, and almost 100% in under six months.

“Cypress continues to perform at a very high level as we come to a close on year three of the initiative,” said Health Minister Dustin Duncan, “they’re making tremendous progress even on the three month waiting list, even that part of the initiative doesn’t begin for another month or so, and so even on the fourth year of the initiative that has yet to begin, Cypress is well positioned to hit this target by next March.”

{mp3}duncan_feb28{/mp3}Full interview with Health Minister Dustin Duncan

Duncan added the whole province is sitting almost exactly where they should be on this initiative.

“Our goal by this March was to be at six months for the offer of surgery, and right now we’re at about 90%, so we’re making tremendous progress, we know we still have a year left in the initiative to try to get down to that three month, it looks like all of our health regions will be able to achieve that by 2014,  with the exception of Regina Qu’Appelle, which means we still have some more work to do with this region specifically.”

Duncan also added the success so far is a true testimony of  the progress our province has made since they began this plan in 2010.

“We used to not too many years ago be known in Saskatchewan for among the highest and longest wait lists in all of Canada for surgical services, so we’re now we’re being seen as leaders, and it shows the value of setting a goal.”

The purpose of this goal is to improve the quality of patient care by reducing wait times.

For more information about the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative, you can visit or

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