Town of Gull Lake Set to Participate in 2013 Communities in Bloom

The Town of Gull Lake is set to participate in the Communities in Bloom Program for 2013. Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and community beautification through community involvement.  Communities can participate in either competitive or non competitive categories either to learn more about the program or, better their score if they are in a competitive category.

Gull Lake will be participating in the Communities in Bloom Program in a non-competitive evaluated category. This means that Gull Lake will be evaluated the same as communities that are in competitive categories, but will not be competing. The town will then have the opportunity to learn more about the program, and later prepare to enter the competitive category.

The Town Beatification Committee consists of members of Town Council and local residents and will be taking on a Downtown Beatification Project. The downtown of any community is the first place visitors see and get a first impression of that community. The goal of this years project will be to improve the look and feel of our downtown. This will ensure visitors to Gull Lake continue to get a good first impression of our community.

Volunteer Community in Blooms judges will come to Gull Lake sometime in July or August to evaluate our community in eight key areas. Those areas are Tidiness, Environmental Action, Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscape, Turf and Grounds, Floral Displays and Community Involvement. This evaluation will help the Town Beatification Committee identify areas needing improvement and help plan for future projects.

Town Council and the Beatification Committee are excited to be able to take part in the  Communities in Bloom Program.  Gull Lake is a town with no shortage of community pride, and volunteers that get behind projects, and activities that benefit the community.  So watch for further details and updates from the Town Beatification Committee on activities that will be taking place through the spring and summer in Gull Lake

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