Town of Gull Lake Committees of Council Hard at Work

Last year Council created 6 Committees of Council each with specific mandates. These committees have been assigned a range of tasks to work at over the next four years geared towards attaining community growth and sustainability.

The Economic Development Committee is responsible for attracting Retail, Commercial/Light Industrial business to Gull Lake.  Although planning is in its early stages for this Committee has already started to look for opportunities to bring business to town. The Committee will also be responsible for the marketing of the Centennial Subdivision which should take place later his year. There is still room for more community members on this committee as the tasks of this committee are many. If you are a resident of Gull Lake and have business experience and are interested in helping your community please contact the town office.

The Town Beautification Committee has undertaken the Communities in Bloom downtown revitalization project to improve the look and feel of our downtown. Watch for community announcements on what you can do to help the Committee to make our participation in the Communities in Bloom a success.

The Cemetery Committee is a subcommittee under the Town Beautification Committee and is responsible for making maintenance and improvement recommendations regarding the cemetery to council. This year the Cemetery Committee will be erecting a sheltered structure that will contain a map of the cemetery.  Also, a memorial plaque will be erected in Potter’s Field later this year. A spring cleanup will take place so please watch for details. The remainder of the year will be dedicated to the restoration of the cemetery.

The Tourism and Recreation Committee is responsible for promoting Tourism and Recreational activities in our Community. This year the Committee will be exploring the possibility of building an outdoor picnic shelter at the campground. The museum will also be looking at receiving some renovations and will be exploring ways to promote the museum to increase the number of visitors.

The Planning and Governance Committee will be working on getting our Official Community Plan complete. Developing a Strategic Financial Plan for the Town will also be a priority item for this committee.  Lastly the Committee will be making suggestions for improvements that can be made to the Town Website. The Town Webpage is important as it provides information about the town and the services it provides.

The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning an annual event for Gull Lake.  Gull Lakes first Winterfest is coming this Saturday.  Come out this Saturday and enjoy a day full of activities geared for everyone from kids to seniors.  Come out for pancakes in the morning then enjoy a day full of activities followed by a beef on a bun supper and fireworks.

The Public Relations Committee keeps residents informed about the business of Council and ensures that good news stories from Gull Lake get out to the web. The Committee also works closely with the other Committees of Council to ensure newsworthy information from those committees is released when needed.

All of these Committees will be looking for community help sometime in the future so please take time to help when called upon. If there is one thing Gull Lake is known for its Community Pride, Spirit and willingness to get behind community projects.

Mayor Campbell

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  • Yes these committees have a very full and busy year ahead of them. But we are always looking for new members to help out with these committee’s and be a part of a very positive change to our community. So if you have extra time and are will to help make a difference in your community then please contact my self or the town office.

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