Dr. Clare chosen as spokesperson for Think Saskatchewan campaign

As part of Saskatchewan’s “Real Growth. Real Opportunity” campaign, the government website offers information on jobs in Saskatchewan, investment in Saskatchewan, and life in Saskatchewan. A special feature includes video testimonials from various residents, including Gull Lake’s own Dr. Clare Kozroski.
Kozroski talks about her initial concerns in moving to Gull Lake. “I didn’t know about farming,” she says, “and I didn’t know about living in a place quite this small. But it’s really turned out for the best, professionally and personally.”
She speaks highly of the professional aspect, saying, “Saskatchewan has the most health professional-friendly environment I’ve ever worked in.” And when it comes to choice, she says that a new physician coming to the province “would really have a choice of where they’d like to work and the type of task they’d like to do.”
In the end, however, her message boils down to three words: “People should come.”

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