Get up, Gull Lake, and get in motion – for $10,000

BY KIT SIMPSON, GULL LAKE ADVANCE Get up, Gull Lake, and get in motion – for $10,000 GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Saskatchewan Events

Saskatchewan’s in motion 2013 is on, and Gull Lake is taking part.
The town is already registered, and all we need is participation.
From March 1 to 15, individuals and families will be able to register the number of minutes they spend in physical activity by creating either an individual profile or a family profile that includes every member of your household. A maximum of 90 minutes a day per person can be recorded.
The town with the most minutes wins $10,000 to be used to help kids be more active.
Saskatchewn in motion is all about increasing physical activity. As they say on their website, “To keep it simple, our purpose is to get kids moving!”
While the community challenge is only occurring in March, the organisation is pursuing their goal all year round. This past Christmas season, for instance, they launched their third annual Active Toy Guide aimed at promoting toys that keep kids active over toys that keep them glued to a screen.
“We know it can be difficult to balance Santa’s wish list of the latest electronic games and toys with active options,” said Cathie Kryzanowski, General Manager of Saskatchewan in motion.
This is the second year for the Community Challenge. The first was won by Elbow which racked up the most minutes. They used the money to build a new park and playground.
We asked Gull Lake Area Recreation Director Sara Kuntz how a small town could possibly win over a larger one.
“Anyone from any community can donate their minutes,” she explained. This, in fact, is how Elbow won. After sending out an email asking for help, they had people all across North American signing up and giving their minutes to the town.
Kuntz also explained how to participate:

All ages are invited to participate. To do so, you must: Go to

Create a profile.
Track and register your daily physical activity minutes (up to 90 minutes).
Spread the word! Encourage your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours and people you see on the street to accept the challenge.
You can create your profile as early as 12:01am on March 1, and can enter your minutes once daily (so you can’t log in after your morning run to record those 30 minutes and then log in later on after karate to log those minutes. Do all of your recording in one shot!) until 11:59pm on March 15.
Any activity counts: walking to school, Phys Ed, practice, yoga…you name it.
Start spreading the word—the challenge begins on March 1!
Here we go, team. Let’s work together to be the most active community in Saskatchewan!
If you have any questions, contact Sara at the Rec Office at 672-4449 or email

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  • And don’t forget — you can also get friends and relatives from across North America to join up and donate their minutes as well. The more people who join and record their minutes, the better chance we have of that $10,000.

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