Gull Lake School One of Two Finalists in the Drive 4 UR School Event

Gull Lake School has been chosen as one of two finalists for the Drive 4 UR School Event, sponsored by Ford. But we need YOUR help. Ford is letting southwest decide who gets to host this great fundraising event.

The contest will consist of online voting that will begin on March 11 th and run until March 24th inclusive. We need all the support we can get so please tell EVERYONE you know to go and click on Community Events Link on the right side of the page. The voting will be up by 9am on March 11th. Everyone in your family, regardless of age, can vote once a day every single day … please!

If we win the Drive 4 UR School Event, we get to host a massive test drive here at our school and the best part is that Ford pays us $20 for every test drive … we can earn up to $6000 for our football and track renewal project.

We couldn’t be more excited to prove to Ford that we deserve this opportunity and show them what happens when a community like Gull Lake pulls together to accomplish big things!

Any questions, please phone the school.
Let’s make our school even better together!!

Kim Temoshawsky, Neal Boutin, Adele Kirwan

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