Gull Lake and Maple Creek Encouraging Everyone to Get In Motion

A total of 25 commnities across Saskatchewan have signed up to be a part of the In Motion Community Challenge, with two of them right here in the southwest.

The Town of Gull Lake is all set to win the $10,000 prize and invite everyone to log onto and create a profile, from there you can enter your physical acitivity minutes from now until March 15th and the town with the most minutes will win!

“We have been encouraging people to get out there and log their minutes,” said Gull Lake and District Recreation Director, Sara Kuntz, “and actually this Saturday at 2pm at the Gull Lake Community Hall, Mayor Campbell is leading a community walk, so you can come out for an hour long walk and log your minutes to Gull Lake.”

The other southwest community involved is Maple Creek, and if Maple Creek wins, the money they receive will go to replacing playground equipment at the Sidney Street School.

via Local News

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