Scotty’s Back!

Scotty's Back! SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Cypress Hills & Area Attractions   Scotty’s new skeleton is installed at the T. rex Discovery Centre in Eastend (Photo: Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport)

Eastend is welcoming back its most famous resident.

Scotty the T. rex went on a year-long trip to Trenton, Ontario, and is now back home at the T. rex Discovery Centre looking better than ever.

“This project was to take the original fossil bones of the skeleton of Scotty, and get the skeleton moulded, casted and mounted,” said Harold Bryant, Director of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. “Moulding means taking impressions of the bones to create casts, which are identical replicas of the original bones, and the mounting process is to basically put the skeleton together, so when people visit the T. rex Centre, they will now see a fully mounted skeleton of Scotty in a running pose.”

{mp3}bryant_mar15{/mp3}Full interview with RSM Director Harold Bryant

Scotty’s new skeleton measures six metres tall and 12 metres long, and will be on display at the main gallery space in the Discovery Centre, which first opened in 2000.

The T. rex skeleton was the first discovered in Saskatchewan and is one of the most complete in the world, and Bryant says visitors to the Centre will have a chance to see it in a way they couldn’t before.

“People visiting have been able to see some of the bones already… but of course what you don’t get from that is the impression of what the animal would have looked at in its entirety or in a dynamic pose of how it looked like in life,” he added. “The company that did the work, Research Casting International, and the reason it went east and was away so long, is they are one of the best companies in the world for doing this sort of work, so they won the tender for the project.”

The new skeleton will officially be unveiled at a gala Saturday at 6:00pm, with guests including Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Schofield, Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP David Anderson, Cypress Hills MLA Wayne Elhard, and the Allemand family, who lease the land where Scotty was discovered in 1991.

The Discovery Centre is also offering free admission on Sunday to encourage the public to come check out the new-look Scotty and celebrate his return.

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