Community Market Coming To Gull Lake

By Layla Baird of Gull Lake Advance

With warmer weather just around the corner and people looking for more to do in the summer months, a community market would be perfect for downtown Gull Lake. The plan is to have the market set up every second Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. from July 4 to the end of September, and will be held on Proton Avenue between Main Street and Third Street. Vendors will be set up on the sidewalk outside, but will have the option of setting up in Elk Hall as it will be booked for the market as well. If the market is successful enough, it is hoped that it will operate every week next year.

Ed Lowenberger, an active member of Gull Lake Town Council, is one of four people sitting on the Community Market Committee and he holds the position of chair. While those involved in the committee have never set up a market like this before, it is an exciting project they hope will be successful enough to become an annual event that will offer more for tourists and help local businesses.

“This community market idea was born out of a couple of different sources. [The] first source was a result of ongoing meetings with the downtown business owners who expressed concerns with the declining foot traffic in the downtown core. [The] second source was from the Tourist/Campground/Museum Committee with their concerns about the loss of tourist traffic to Gull Lake. There is not much for them to do in the downtown core,” said Lowenberger. “[The market] is but one way that we can draw more foot traffic into the downtown core.”

Anyone interested in offering a product or service in the market is welcome, but should be aware that they will need to follow regulations and have the appropriate permits.

“Almost anything will work. Restrictions and regulations will be strictly enforced by us, as well as public health, when it comes to food-related and homecraft products. These are regulations set forth by Public Health that we must adhere to. We can and will send out to any prospective vendors an informational package that we have put together outlining all restrictions, as well as all vendor permits that are required. [The permits can be] returned to us and we will forward them to Public Health on their behalf. A cover letter will also be included in this package,” said Lowenberger.

Anyone interested in being a vendor at the community market will have until June 3 to sign up, so that permits can be obtained from Public Health in time for the market. Signing up early will also give the committee a clear idea of how many vendors will be setting up so there are enough tables and space. Tables are supplied on request, though vendors do have the option of bringing their own.

“Any potential vendor that only wants to attend a few meets [will have to pay] $35 per date attended, which includes an eight foot table. [Those who] commit to all the dates [will only have to pay] $25.00 per eight-foot table per visit. These prices can and will be collected before each market begins, and our records will indicate that they’ve paid their fee,” said Lowenberger. “We, the Community Market Committee are hoping that you will join us in this unique and exciting endeavor that we are undertaking.”

For more information about the community market, contact Ed Lowenberger at 306-672-3603, 306-671-8999, or e-mail

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