Study: Potential for Growth high in Gull Lake

By Craig Baird of  The Gull Lake Advance

Situated along the most important highway in Canada, traveled by hundreds, if not thousands every day, Gull Lake is in the perfect position to capitalize on those dollars.

According to a study by The Crownwest Continental Group, Gull Lake is ‘geographically significant’ for economic growth due to natural growth styles.
In layman’s terms, this means that even if the Town did little to boost the economy, the economy of the town would still expand thanks to traffic and natural demand.
Sitting in a prominent position at the crossroads of Highway 1 and Highway 37, the Town of Gull Lake is in the perfect position to be proactive and ensure a growing economy for many years to come.
“[Gull Lake is geographically-significant] because of its prominent location on Highway 1 and directly located at the crossroads of Highway #1 and Provincial Highway #37,” Lyle McDonough, president and CEO of The Crownwest Continental Group, said. “The quaint Town of Gull Lake enjoys a very good location on a commercial corridor that can offer much in economic opportunity to enterprising people.”
According to the study done by The Crownwest Continental Group, the following was found regarding Gull Lake:
Gull Lake has a quieter lifestyle than other municipalities in Saskatchewan.
Gull Lake’s real estate pricing is 25 to 50 per cent less than that of Swift Current.
There is better value for those looking to enter or downsize in the real estate market, by moving to Gull Lake.
There is less expensive acquisition and operational costs with significantly less competition in most sectors in Gull Lake. The town would also see greater economic activity with an industrial park close to the town.
Renters will find greater value in Gull Lake than in a larger city.
“For three decades between 1980 to 2010, the Town experienced very little real estate development, as it had not embraced opportunities that were available, thus opting for lifestyle rather than development,” the report stated.

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