Province Announces Increased Investment in Physician Training

Province Announces Increased Investment in Physician Training Government  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is increasing its investment in training physicians as part of a broader effort to improve access to physician services.

The province is investing $17.8 million in post-graduate physician training seats at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine in an effort to recruit and retain physicians within Saskatchewan.

“What it means is it’s ongoing funding for our commitment to expand medical education in the province,” said Ingrid Kirby, a Director in the Medical Services Branch of Saskatchewan. “This $2 million increase we made this year continues to support the increase we made in 2007, so as we expanded medical school enrollment, this is just the incremental cost needed to sustain that.”

They’re also using what’s called a multi-faceted approach to attract and keep these new graduates, and Kirby said the Cypress Health Region is a key component to the initiatives being used.

“What that means is of the 120 first-year seats, we have four Family Medicine residents training in Swift Current each year, or eight total because Family Medicine is a 2-year program.”

Kirby added the residents training in Swift Current have already completed their degree and are doing their post graduate practice.

Other initiatives being used include the newly announced Rural Family Physician Incentive Program, which provides recent grads with up to $120,000 over 5 years if they practice in communities of 10,000 or less, as well as providing additional physician coverage and assistance to rural family physicians, etc.

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