GPC Optimistic About Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program

GPC Optimistic About Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Great Plains College Government of Saskatchewan

A new loan forgiveness program from the province could make life easier for grads of the nursing programs at Great Plains College.

It will forgive up to $4,000 a year in student loans to a maximum of $20,000 over five years, for nurses and nurse practitioners who work in under-served rural communities with populations under 10,000.

“A lot of people would maybe look into working in smaller communities that they may have overlooked before,” said Great Plains College LPN Student Lauren Wells. “I think that it will be a good thing for other students to look into to see if they would maybe try and work in a small town community and get a different experience than working in a larger facility.”

Wells also works in Gull Lake and was excited to hear about a program that could help her when she graduates.

“I had a little smile after I heard,” Wells said. “Just to know it’s one less thing I have to worry about and that I can have a little bit of an ease on the financial burden of student loan.”

The college also anticipates an increased level of interest in their nursing programs.

“With this program in place one would think that it would open up doors to potential students,” said GPC Nursing Program Coordinator Kim Lambe. “I would think that we would see more people applying into the nursing programs as a result of this and then hopefully meeting the needs of the rural communities.”

Great Plains College operates a practical nursing program and will be starting a registered nursing program this fall.

An average nursing student or practitioner will spend roughly $32,000 on tuition and other associated expenses over a 4-year term.

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