Communities in Bloom forging ahead

By Craig Baird of The Gull Lake Advance

After deciding to take part in the Communities in Bloom competition for the first time, progress on the project is good.

“We had our meeting on April 8. Wheelchair accessibility for curbing, we are looking at that and it may go back to town council,” Councillor Ed Lowenberger told council at the April 10 meeting. “It may take a major dollar figure over time and maybe it can be incorporated into street repair.”

Communities in Bloom has operated since 1995, helping communities beautify their streets and show pride in their hamlet, town, village or city.

A variety of projects have been initiated in Gull Lake, including new furniture for the town, has been initiated.

“Some of the furniture has arrived and when the rest has arrived, we will do a call for volunteers to do an assembly of it,” Lowenberger said.

Some of the furniture includes bike racks, ashtrays, garbage and recycling containers.

Another initiative is a heritage colour scheme for Gull Lake.

“We were looking at the businesses downtown for a heritage colour scheme. There are quite a wide variety of colours under the heritage term,” Lowenberger said. “We were thinking of using that as a tax incentive for the businesses to get a reduction in their taxes.”

The judges of Communities in Bloom judge participating communities based on eight criteria including tidiness, conservation and community involvement.

If a community receives a score of 73 to 81, they earn four blooms. Even if a community receives no score, they receive one bloom for taking part.

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