Generosity all part of doing business in Gull Lake

By Craig Baird of The Gull Lake Advance

Gull Lake is a tight-knit municipality where helping out your neighbours is all part of being a part of the community. Last week, the fire benefit for Murray and Carole Benjamin raised several thousands of dollars (as much as $40,000 by some unconfirmed estimates) and a big reason for that was the generosity of residents, and especially businesses. The silent auction was aided in no small part by the businesses in Gull Lake.

For those who run and work at local businesses, giving to the community is part of doing business.

“It is our town, it is where our kids grew up and where we live,” Lance Allen, vice president of Southern Pressure Testers, said.

Since opening its doors in 2003 in Gull Lake, Southern Pressure Testers has been front and centre with local donations.

“If there is any kind of thing, we help out,” Allen said. “Usually we go to benefits, and if its sports we do something.”

The same is true for Curtis Jones, manager of the Pioneer Co-op.

“We help out in the community because we are community-owned and operated,” Jones said, adding that the business donates a lot to sporting events and teams.

Pioneer Co-op in Gull Lake has made helping the community a major focus of its activities since it opened its doors over 100 years ago as the Gull Lake Co-operative.

For Jerry Peterson, owner of Peterson’s AG Foods, giving to the community is about repaying what the community gives to the business.

“I like to give back to the community for what the community gives to my business,” Peterson said. “I like to help out in any way I can. I think it is important to put back into the community.”

Since opening 22 years ago, Peterson’s AG Foods has found many different ways to aid local organizations, including with a Community Rewards Program.

“I pick a function or anything in town that I want to donate to. I have donated to the golf course, the seniors, the theatre and KidSport to name a few,” Peterson said. “I just pick every year and I find a group that is well-deserving of the money for that year. That is besides what we donate otherwise.”

Roughly $500 goes to a local organization chosen by Peterson for the program, every year.

Mayor Blake Campbell had high praise for the generosity from businesses in Gull Lake. “Local businesses receive many requests every year asking them to donate to community events and projects and ask little in return,” Mayor Campbell said.  “Without the generous support of our local businesses donating funds, goods or services, Gull Lake would not be the prosperous community it is today. Let’s do our best to support the local businesses that support our community.

While generosity is an important part of doing business in Gull Lake, it is also important for local businesses to make sure they have an online presence with Google Maps.

By visiting, Gull Lake businesses can add themselves to Google Maps so that tourists passing through, and visitors to the community, know exactly where to find the services they need. It is free to do, and it can help increase sales for a business, which then helps with donations for local organizations in Gull Lake.

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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