Stop! Wash Your Hands

Stop! Wash Your Hands Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Cypress Health Region   An information display set up at Cypress Regional Hospital for National Stop! Clean Your Hands Day last year

Proper hand hygiene is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

The Cypress Health Region is pairing up with local schools to promote National Stop! Clean Your Hands Day Monday. Schools within the region are being invited to take part in a poster contest and video contest, to which the posters and videos will be used in next years campaign, and the winners will take home a $25 prize.

Staff of the Cypress Health Region are invited to do a two-three minute video as well, winning videos will be used in the Cypress Health Region Safety Expo in October, and winning entries will receive $50 towards a pizza party.

But why is this all even relevant?

“People don’t realize that they touch high contact surfaces as often as they do,” explained Jacqueline Treen, Senior Public Health Inspector with the Cypress Health Region, “and they can pick up organisms very easily and spread it to other people as well as themselves, and make themselves sick.”

The Cypress Health Region has a few things planned to mark the day.

“The Public Health Inspection and Infection Control Team are doing a display of hand hygiene up at the Cypress Regional Hospital, they’ll have the glow germ and portable hand sinks there.”

For more information on Stop! Clean Your Hands Day, you can visit the Safer Healthcare Now! Website at

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