Gull Lake getting bloomin’ beautiful in coming weeks

By Layla Baird

Communities in Bloom seems to be coming together quite nicely for Gull Lake, especially after getting a head start with a successful Earth Day that saw many students helping to clean up the town by picking up garbage. Residents and businesses have already started work on beautifying the community, with many businesses planning flowerbeds, new paint, and more, and a number of residents cleaning up last year’s debris and preparing their gardens.

With so many getting into the spirit, it is no surprise that Ed Lowenberger, the chair of the Communities in Bloom project in Gull Lake, has only positive things to say when asked how the project is coming along.

“So far, so good. we have received all of our outdoor furniture and it was all assembled by myself and two volunteers, Les Potter and Ron Broberg,” Lowenberger said. “ [The furniture] will be deployed sometime this week.”

Lowenberger added that the community gardens are moving along and things are starting to come together. There will also be some friendly competition to entice businesses and residents of Gull Lake to get involved with the project.

“A business flower pot competition is being put together and hopefully soon there will be nice flowers located in the downtown core,” Lowenberger said. “We are also having a residential block competition open to any and all. If any individuals or clubs wants to be involved with this, just contact the town office and let them know.”

While it would be nice to earn three or four blooms when the judges come through sometime in July or August, Lowenberger wanted to stress that this is about more than the blooms. The project is about bringing a community together, and to bring out the best in Gull Lake, its businesses and residents.

“The main goal is to beautify the overall appearance of our community, to instill a sense of pride to all residents and to build a dedicated volunteer base.”

The Gull Lake Communities in Bloom Kickoff was held on April 27 with a pancake breakfast and guest speaker Nola Sanderson from Maple Creek, who shared some information on Maple Creek’s success in the Communities in Bloom project.

Lowenberger added that preparation of flowerbeds around town is well under way, thanks to volunteers who are busy getting these into shape. Lowenberger asks that anyone who would like to get involved should contact the town office as soon as possible at 306-672-3361.

Compliments of the Gull Lake Advance


  • Ed Lowenberger

    The C.i.B. have sucesasfully deployed all of the outdoor furniture on May 16th. Ed Lowenberger and 2 volunteers took on theis task. A very big thank you to Blake Campbell and Ron Broberg for all of there help. A very big thank you to Lea Stevenson and Dawnette Peterson who spent a lot of time in the picking out of this furniture and the various locations for there placement. This is only the beginning of more exciting activities for C.i.B. and the Town of Gull Lake.
    I also must thank all the volunters for their hard work with looking after and preparing the flowers beds in various locations around town. These deicated volunteers are the backbone and driving force that allows us to make all of these changes and to maintain them. I look forward to work with all of you on more initiatives in the near future.
    Ed Lowenberger Chair of C.i.B.

  • Ed Lowenberger

    I wish to say a big thank you to Layla & Craig Baird of the Gull Lake Advance for all of their excellent coverage of the various projects that C.i.B. are undertaking. I and the C.i.B. committee look foreward to working with you on all future initiaatives.
    Ed Lowenberger Chair of C.i.B.

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