MusiCounts Funds Local School Programs

MusiCounts Funds Local School Programs Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Chinook School Division

Schools across the southwest will be able to sing a happy song in the upcoming school year, thanks to an approved grant from MusiCounts Canada.

The Chinook School Division was one of the ten Saskatchewan recipients who will receive funding in the form of the Band Aid Grant from MusiCounts to go towards new musical equipment mainly for their elementary aged students.

Manager of MusiCounts Canada Mike Hurley said the application they received was a little more unique than the rest.

“Unique in the sense that a lot of the applications we get are on behalf of a specific school or a specific school program,” Hurley said, “whereas the application that was put in by the Chinook School Division was for a grant that would actually affect multiple schools.”

Hurley also talked about why they decided to approve the Chinook School Divisions application.

{mp3}hurleymay13{/mp3}Interview with Mike Hurley”We select our recipients based on a number of criteria, we first look at the socio-economics surroundings of the community the school or in this case school division serves, we look at the size and condition of the inventory the school or program currently has access to, and just overall impact or difference it would make within the community, and the application certainly met and exceeded that, and knowing that in a lot of these rural and remote areas it’s not always possible for them to do large amounts of fundraising, and that’s where MusiCounts steps in.”

MusiCounts is Canada’s music education charity, and are associated with The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), and the Juno Awards, they have been around for 16 years, and to date have donated $6 million to further music education in Canada.

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