Southwest Airports Receive Funding for Upgrades

Southwest Airports Receive Funding for Upgrades Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Government of Saskatchewan

Fifteen airports across the province are seeing some improvements through the government’s Community Airport Partnership, four of those being in the southwest.

Smaller market airports in Saskatchewan were able to apply for the funding to support economic development, air ambulance landings, commercial operations and aviation safety.

“It’s basically designed to help offset costs for upgrades at community airports in the province,” said Joel Cherry, with the province’s Highways and Infrastructure Department, “and smaller airports, they provide really essential services, they help stimulate the economy, they’re good for tourism, they provide a landing place for air ambulances.”

Since 2007 when the CAP program was launched, the government has invested $3.8 million in community airports, to which Swift Current has seen about $260,000 of.

This year, Swift Current received a good chunk of the funding, with $106,340.

“This year they got the second largest contribution from the government, there’s going to asphalt maintenance, emergency backup power supply, security fence, runway markings.”

Cherry added the other smaller centre’s in the Southwest included, Maple Creek, Leader and Kyle.

“Kyle, this is the first time they’ve received money through this program, they received about $50,000 for crack sealing, Leader also is receiving money for the first time, they’re getting money for crack sealing, asphalt repairs and alike, Maple Creek got funds to resurface their tarmac, about $12,750.”

Airports that receive scheduled passenger service are not eligible for this program.

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