Cypress Health Region Addressing Childhood Obesity Concerns –

Written by Shawn Mullin on Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cypress Health Region Addressing Childhood Obesity Concerns - Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Cypress Health Region

The Cypress Health Region’s Growing Healthy Families clinic will assists local children with concerns about their weight.

It will bring together a team led by Dr. Shamsuddin Fakhir, a pediatrician in the region. It will start as a monthly clinic in Swift Current.

Interviews with Beth Vachon and Bryce Martin”How can our pediatricians collaborate with other health providers within the region to be able to provide the kind of service, advice, direction to families as they try to maintain healthy weights for their children,” said Health Region CEO Beth Vachon.

“Physicians will be able to refer people to this service and get families working on healthy weights within their children and themselves.”

Families will be referred to the clinic by their family physicians. There is also an opportunity for self-referrals but they have to fit within clinical guidelines.

“Obesitiy as we know and weight management is one of the indicators of chronic disease,” said Health Region Spokesman Bryce Martin. “That goes hand-in-hand with what we’ve been talking about throughout the region on how we combat the indicators and risk factors associated with chronic disease.”

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