Grasslands National Park Live Webcam –

Grasslands National Park is one of the only places in North America where Great Plains Bison roam free and now the general public can see them in their natural habitat from the comforts of their own home.

Grasslands and have teamed up and installed two HD web cams at the park

The bison aren’t the only attraction.

Full Interview with Adrian Sturch”So there is a number of species at risk,” said Adrian Sturch with Parks Canada. “Black Tailed Prairie Dog, their prairie dog colonies through their grazing and burrowing activities create habitat for a number of species at risk. So Black Footed Ferrets that were re-introduced a number of years to the park are one of the main species of Black Tailed Prairie Dog.”

Sturch notes not many people in the Southwest realize how close Grasslands National Park is.

“Within five days when the cameras went online we had over 27,000 views just to give a idea of how much interest there has been so far. More awareness, more interest, there is also a web board on where people can ask questions about Grassland National Park or Prairie Dogs, or Great Plains Bison and those kind of things as well.” is a philanthropic median organization and media division of the Annenberg Foundation.

Grasslands National Park Live Webcam –

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