Chinook Unveils New Strategic Plan –

Chinook Unveils New Strategic Plan - Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Chinook School Division

The Chinook School Division has approved their strategic plan from now until 2017.

“As with all good strategic plans we’re not looking at any 90 degree turns or sharp directions,” said Director of Education Liam Choo-Foo. “I think the board is fairly comfortable with the overall direction so it’s really a fine tuning… at the same time setting setting some very clear targets for the system.”

It involves switching their focus from balanced literacy to making major improvements in math.

The school division was able to move from 63% of students achieving above or at the grade level for balanced literacy to 84.5% over four years. They’re applying many of the same grassroots principals to their math momentum strategy.

“We’re using a diagnostic so we know where our students are at,” Choo-Foo said. “We’ve provided in service to all of our staff as to different ways of quickly understanding where our students are at in their knowledge of mathematics and we’ve been working this year on modifying the instructional practices.”

“With a very similar process we had guiding reading and literacy and we’re moving to a guided math concept in the classrooms.”

The goal is to raise achievements in math by 25% while continuing to maintain and grow their success in balanced literacy.

The strategic plan will also include a review of operations to make sure they’re complying with legislation and being as efficient as possible.

Chinook Unveils New Strategic Plan –

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