SaskTel Makes Improvements in Southwest –

SaskTel continues to make improvements to their wireless network infrastructure to provide the largest, fastest and most complete wireless network in the province.

Out of the 53 4G enhancements recently made around the province, four were in small southwest communities.

“We’ve done a number of upgrades including in Cabri, Ponteix, Cypress Hills and Stewart Valley,” said Leanne Persicke, Manager of Media Relations for SaskTel, “what we’ve done is some work to our existing towers to increase capacity and help with the current congestion on some of the networks in the province.”

The Crown Corporation replaced a repeater to increase capacity in both Cabri and Ponteix.

They also added a carrier to increase capacity in Cypress Hills, and added underlay to an existing tower in Stewart Valley to increase capacity.

“Basically it’s like a boost to our current tower, to make sure that it’s able to handle all the traffic that’s coming in off those towers, it’s just different ways of making sure we can handle everything coming in.”

She added the company keeps a competitive attitude and there’s always more work to be done.

“We’re always working on improving, and every month we like to remind people that we are constantly upgrading and making sure we can meet the need of our cell towers.”

SaskTel has a significant number of 4G infrastructure improvement projects planned for completion by year-end, which will increase capacity to match the continued growth in customer demands on the network.

SaskTel Makes Improvements in Southwest –

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