New Social Media Policy for Chinook School Division –

The Chinook School Division has accepted a new policy when it comes to websites like Facebook and Twitter.

With the growing popularity of social media in the past few years, the school division deemed it necessary to establish some ground rules for the use of these sites, and to show students and teachers the line between personal use and work use.

“Certainly everybody is well aware of social media, and how it seems to grow exponentially, and trying to stay on top of it is really quite a task,” said Liam Choo-Foo, Director of Education Services for the Chinook School Division, “what we’re trying to do with this policy is lay out some very clear guidelines between what acceptable use is for educational purposes, or for communication purposes.”

Choo-Foo noted some of the steps teachers, and students will have to take now in order to access these websites during school hours.

“Teachers will have to fill out new forms that are very specific as to why you are using social media in your classroom, what the purpose is, and the various steps to ensure the safety of all those concerned is there, we also must specify the difference between personal use, versus work related use.”

These new guidelines are an addition to the acceptable Internet use policy that was already in place for the school division, because of the popularity and growth of these sites in past years.

The school division has also outlined specific rules for teachers personal accounts, as to what is acceptable to post, because it is possible and easy for a lot of students to track down their teachers personal accounts.

New Social Media Policy for Chinook School Division –

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