Communities in Bloom a Big Project and Community Effort

The Gull Lake Communities in Bloom Committee is working hard to ensure Gull Lake gets the best possible score when the judges arrive in Gull Lake sometime in August.  The Town will be evaluate eight categories as follows:

Floral Displays

Are evaluated for the efforts to design, plan execute, and maintain floral displays of high quality standards.

Gull Lake appears to be doing well in this category as many floral displays can be seen throughout the community in downtown, residential and public spaces. Residents, volunteers and businesses are doing a great job brightening up our community with some very nice displays.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement includes public involvement in various community programs and projects. Recognition of volunteers, and support toward community initiatives by the municipal, business, and private sector.

Volunteers have been called upon to help with a variety of projects such as community clean up, cemetery clean up, building of the community gardens, floral display at the wagon, keeping our park, and entryways tidy. Read the paper and watch our Face Book Page for upcoming opportunities for you to volunteer, and help keep our community looking great!!


Tidiness includes an overall tidiness effort. Elements for evaluation are green spaces (parks, etc.), medians, boulevards, sidewalks, streets; municipal, commercial, institutional and residential properties; ditches, road shoulders, vacant lots and buildings; weed control, litter clean-up (including cigarette butts and gum), graffiti and vandalism programs.

Here is a category everyone can participate in and it appears the vast amounts of residents are, by keeping their property neat and tidy. We are seeing a tremendous amount of participation in this category just take a drive around town and see for yourself.

The Communities in Bloom Committee recently purchased benches, picnic tables, garbage and recycling containers with funds provided by Town Council. These items have been distributed in various locations in the downtown area. The Cemetery Committee has also done an excellent job at beautifying the cemetery with benches and the new structure built to house a map of the cemetery. Town Staff will be doing their best to keep the grass cut in public areas and help keep our landfill neat and organized.

Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry includes the efforts with regards to written policies, by-laws, standards for tree management (selection, planting, and maintenance), long and short-term management plans, tree replacement policies, tree inventory, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), heritage, memorial and commemorative trees.

This has always been an important area of interest for Town Council with the establishment of the wood lot on the north side of town and the creation of the Tree Policy adopted by Council a few years ago. Today the Communities in Bloom Committee are working hard planting trees in many of our public spaces this week.

Heritage Conservation

Heritage Conservation includes efforts to preserve heritage within their community. Priority in evaluation is given to natural heritage, as well as the integration of landscape and streetscapes as it pertains to the built heritage of a community.

This is an area that the Committee will be focusing more on in the future as Gull Lake is a community full of Heritage. Town Council is currently working on establishing some heritage sites in the downtown area, and this will create future opportunities for the Committee to work on.

Environmental Action

Environmental action includes efforts and achievement with respect to: policies, by-laws, programs and best practices, 3-R initiatives (reduce/reuse/recycle), waste reduction, composting sites, hazardous waste collections, water conservation, naturalization, and environmental stewardship activities under the guiding principles of sustainable development pertaining to green spaces.

Gull Lake has long been a community committed to sustaining our environment with a landfill that is maintained and operated in accordance with environmental standards. We also have the Recycling Depot for paper and cardboard located on the corner of Conrad Avenue and Main Street that is well used by the residents of Gull Lake. The establishment of the Sarcan Depot in Gull Lake has also been an important addition to the town giving residents a place to take their empty bottles to be recycled..

This year the Communities in Bloom Committee will be giving our Recycling Depot a face lift with the establishment of a new sign that will replace the old sign is in need of replacing.

Turf & Groundcovers

Included in the Landscape section of the evaluation form, Turf & Groundcovers remains a criteria award. This criterion relates to turf management programs, maintenance, policies, standards, and best practices, as well as quality and use of groundcovers.

This Category will be looked at by the Communities in Bloom Committee in the future as it identifies other projects that can be done to beautify the town.

A Big Thank you

On behalf of the Town Council I wish to extend a thank you to the following:

Communities in Bloom Committee: For their hard work and planning in helping with this important initiative established by Town Council.

Community Volunteers: To the many volunteers and organizations that have helped the committee with various projects.

Businesses and Residents of Gull Lake: That have done an excellent job keeping their property clean and tidy.

Town Staff: For helping the Communities in Bloom Committee with various tasks.

The Communities in Bloom Program is about taking pride in your community by each of us doing our part to keep our community attractive for all to enjoy. Gull Lake is a community bursting with pride and by working together we can continue to make Gull Lake look great! .


Blake Campbell

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