Gull Lake Swimming Pool Lifeguards Jail and Bail!

On Sunday, June 30, the lifeguards from GLSP are heading to the slammer! They will remain locked up until they make bail. Only then will they be allowed to return to work.

All of the bail money is going toward the purchase of a new pool vacuum (approx $3,500) as the old vacuum needs to be replaced. The vacuum is an important piece of equipment that helps keep the pool clean by picking up dirt and debris at the bottom of the pool.

Our swimming pool is a very busy place enjoyed by the many people who frequent the pool throughout the summer. Our Life Guards do a great job great by providing our community with public swimming, teaching swimming lessons,fitness classes like aqua fit, and other various clinics.  Next Sunday let’s support our Lifeguards and help them raise the funds they need to purchase the new vacuum.

If you would like to help the lifeguards make bail, phone the jailbirds directly or call the Rec Office at 672-4449 to talk to the warden starting at 11am.


Blake Campbell

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