Wall Reacts to Obama Keystone Comments

Wall Reacts to Obama Keystone Comments Oil & Gas SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Oil Pipelines   Brad Wall

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is hopeful comments from US President Barack Obama could lead to approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

It would haul oil from Alberta, through southwest Saskatchewan and into the southern US.

The construction of the pipeline could bring jobs to our region, but the US has been hesitant to approve it due to environmental concerns.

In a major environmental speech, Obama suggested he’d approve Keystone “only if this project does not significantly exacerbate” greenhouse-gas emissions.

That comment didn’t necessarily strike Wall as a major hurdle.

{mp3}walljune25{/mp3}Brad Wall Interview”It sounds like he’s finding a way to say yes,” Swift Current’s MLA said. “We’ve seen his own state department on two occasions basically provide a benign analysis saying this thing is fine we can go ahead. Now the President himself has basically prescribed a way this thing can go forward.”

“That’s a far cry from where I think a lot of people were even a year ago that the answer was just no.”

Wall doesn’t think the pipeline would necessarily lead to any further production at the oil-sands.

“Is the pipeline about all this additional expansion in the oil-sands or is it about what’s there now and moving it to market?” Wall asked. “Fundamentally we want to move the product that’s there now. If you approve Keystone it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re going to have a huge expansion in oil-sand development and an expansion in C02 footprint.”

The Premier was somewhat uneasy about the suggestion that the approval would only come with some guarantees about how much oil production might occur in Canada.

“When there was an indication from the Obama administration that there might be a quid-pro-quo for approval… I think Canadians should be concerned about that,” Wall said. “We’re obviously an independent nation. We’re a good trading partner with the United-States. We ought never to say to the Americans we might approve this project or this particular trade opportunity with you but here’s what we want you to do in domestic policy first.”

“We just wouldn’t do it. I don’t think they’re there yet but they’re walking close to that line. I think Canadians are right to say that’s nobody’s business but Canada’s.”

Wall did note Canada has to be concerned about the environment, but feels they are making good strides that way.

“When you compare our record on C02 and what we’re doing in Saskatchewan on clean coal to almost any country they buy oil from I think we stack up very favourably.”

Obama rejected the first proposal for the Keystone XL Pipeline due to environment concerns about parts of the route. TransCanda provided a new proposal for a route that avoided environmentally sensitive land is still awaiting word on its approval.

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