Southwest Homes Expands

Southwest Homes is providing another new living space for people with intellectual disabilities in Swift Current.

The Ministry of Social Services provided $175,000 in capital funding for the project, and $330,000 in annual operating funding.

Full Interview with Brad Wall{mp3}bradwalljuly1{/mp3} “We set for ourselves a goal in government to eliminate a very large wait list of people,” said Premier Brad Wall. “People with intellectual disabilities that needed a residence. The dignity of a home and respite programming for them and for families. In April we celebrated the fact that first part of the wait list, that 440 was eliminated. Now there will always be others that we need to make sure will be taken care of.”

Southwest Homes now operates seven group homes, a supportive living program and a 13-space day program.

Since 2007, the government says they have invested almost $219 million to improve and expand programs and services for the disabled.

via Local News

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