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Student Services Report Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Chinook School Division

At the Chinook School Division’s latest board meeting a Monitoring Report for Student Services was presented.

The report covered student progress the last two years for students with specific goals and needs.

“One of the areas that we’re responsible for is students who are on IIP’s, which stands for Inclusion and Intervention plans,” said Lee Cummins, Superintendent of Student Services for the Chinook School Division, “so there’s specific plans for kids who have very targeted goals about achievement.”

Cummins said as far as the report goes they’re sitting right where they need to be.

“Although the data is not due from our school division teachers until the end of June, it would appear we’re right on track for a 10% increase over the course of this year compared to last school year.”

Cummins also noted the school division has no trouble meeting or exceeding the Ministry criteria in the area of staffing.

“They have in the past put out ratios for the number of specialists you should have for a specific student population, so we meet or exceed those numbers for areas like psychologists, educational psychologists, speech language pathologists, youth workers, councillors, etc.”

Cummins added the Ministry has a priority of smooth transitions for these students, with Transition Handbooks to assist students, staff and schools with a variety of transitions students experience from prekindergarten through grade 12.

Chinook has two alternative schools, CAMPS for middle school students and Maverick for high school aged students.
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