Special Feature Gull Lake

The town of Gull Lake is poised for great things in its second century, according to Mayor Blake Campbell.  “We’re seeing a lot of newer people coming to town.  We’re definitely getting a little bit younger.” Tha’s very important when your population hovers just under 1,000 people.  Campbell said that while school enrollment was down in the southwest region as a whole, it grew in Gull Lake by 30 students.

There is a new government-funded daycare with 25 slots, and a new subdivision was built a few years ago.

The Town is now proactively looking for ways to market its amenities and attract people to Gull Lake.  “I think we have a lot to offer, and that is how we want to portray ourselves,” says Campbell. “I think there are a lot of opportunities, but you have to go out and look for them. They don’t just land on your doorstep.”

Special Feature Gull Lake
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