Dispute Over Keystone XL Jobs

Dispute Over Keystone XL Jobs Oil & Gas SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Oil Pipelines Jobs

U.S. President Barack Obama threw some cold water on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline with his take on the potential jobs it would create.

The pipeline would take oil from Alberta through southwest Saskatchewan and into the southern U.S.

In an interview with the Sunday New York Times Obama said only 2,000 positions would be created in the first year or two during the construction of the pipeline, and after that, the job total would dwindle to between 50 and 100 jobs.

Project proponent TransCanada disputes those numbers suggesting it could create 20,000 jobs.

Obama has said before he will only approve the project if it doesn’t increase carbon pollution, but a U.S. State Department draft report earlier this year suggested Keystone XL’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions would be minimal.

The first proposal was rejected due to the route going into environmentally sensitive land.

A decision on the second proposal is expected towards the end of this year or in early 2014.

If built, it would pass through our region near Shaunavon.

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