Busy Summer for Health Region

Busy Summer for Health Region Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Cypress Health Region

It’s been an extremely busy, but exciting summer for the Cypress Health Region.

Several announcements have come out of the region in recent months, including the progress being made at the Maple Creek Integrated Facility, the doors opening and first patients being welcomed at the Shaunavon Primary Health Care Clinic this past month, a potential project beginning in Leader, and the official announcement of the new Long Term Care Facility being built in Swift Current.

CEO of the Cypress Health Region Beth Vachon says they have began the first phase of the work that needs to be done, with a lot more to go to prepare for the opening of the new facility, beginning with recruiting their team of advisors (financial, maintenence, management, etc), that will work and support the region, and ensure everything is on track for the project.

“Definitely the big news for the region this summer, we’re really excited about it,” Vachon said. “We’ve got very aggressive timelines on this project, but things are moving along, and we’re hitting all the milestones we need to, so we’re confident we’ll hit that move-in date of spring 2016.”

Vachon added they will be doing a Production Preparation Process (3P) Event this month, where they will complete production flow for the new facility.  Walker Place has been secured for the next three years for the region to try and test several process methods, with hopes of improving efficiency and quality for residents and staff of the region.

Vachon added another key highlight this summer as mentioned has been the official opening of the Primary Health Care Clinic ran out of the Shaunavon Hospital, and on top of that, the exciting news that they had completed their complement of three full-time physicians to serve the facility.

“By the middle of August, we will have all three physicians in Shaunavon working out of the clinic, we will also have two nurse practitioners that are sharing a couple days a week each down there, we haven’t recruited to a full-time person for that community, but we do have the ability to move the nurse practitioners where we need them.”

Vachon also noted they are actively trying to move forward with a new facility in Leader, and have kept dialogue going with the community and surrounding RMs to update them on any news, which there hasn’t been yet.

“Since we’ve formed as a region we have three capital priorities, it has been the Maple Creek Integrated Facility,  Swift Current Long Term Care replacement facility, then Leader Integrated facility, so we now have two projects waiting on completion, and the Leader project is the next one we want to ensure we get.”

via Local News http://www.swiftcurrentonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23032:busy-summer-for-health-region&catid=13:local-news&Itemid=355

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