Communities in Bloom nearing the big day

By Craig Baird

The town is officially blooming, and just in time because in just a couple of weeks the Communities in Bloom judges will be arriving to assess our town.

All the volunteers have been working very hard over the past few months to help beautify the town.

“I am very happy with the process and the work done so far by the CiB committee. They have done an excellent job with the downtown beautification project, and I don’t think our downtown has ever looked so good,” Mayor Blake Campbell.  “With the help of the Advance, they have also been getting the community on board with some very nice floral displays, and well-looked after yards.”

As for how the community will do, Mayor Campbell says he has his fingers crossed for two blooms. Communities can receive one bloom for taking part and as many as five blooms for standing out.

“This year’s projects were done in a timely manner, and I believe the committee has enjoyed the process,” Mayor Campbell said. “Moving forward, and looking to the future, no doubt it will be a longer process as Gull Lake makes plans to enter at a competition level in the future.”

In terms of how Gull Lake has been changed by Communities in Bloom, Mayor Campbell feels that it has developed a great deal of pride in the community with everyone showing off their yards.

“We are certainly seeing an increase in the number of floral displays in our residential areas that are really enhancing the look of our residential areas,” Mayor Campbell said. “Last, but not least, we are seeing volunteers helping keep our park and entryways looking attractive.”

Looking at the floral displays, Mayor Campbell believes that the community has really stepped up with the program.

“Looking around at the downtown and residential areas, properties are looking neat and many have gone the extra mile and have put out some very nice floral displays,” Mayor Campbell said. “As with anything new, it will take time to catch on, but I have great confidence when we go to a competitive level our residents will be there.”

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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