Council looking to future after year in the driver’s seat

By Craig Baird

Nearing the one year anniversary for council since the election, Mayor Blake Campbell and his councilors are looking forward to accomplishing several goals down the road.

Chief among them will be working with the RM of Gull Lake and possibly bringing a motel to the area in the near future.

Council will also be unveiling a community plan this fall to the public to see and give their input on. In addition, the Economic Development Committee will finish meeting with local businesses and will be meeting with the downtown businesses as a group to share what has been learned.

“I am very pleased with the work and accomplishments council has made with our efforts to plan for the future of Gull Lake,” Mayor Campbell said. “Council is committed to the projects it has undertaken in order to keep our community sustainable in the future.”

This past year, council accomplished several goals during its first 12 months, including meeting with local businesses to get a better understanding of their needs.

“It certainly has given us a better insight into the importance our businesses play in the community,” Mayor Campbell said. “Our participation in the CiB is certainly an accomplishment.”

In addition, finishing the development of the town website was a major accomplishment according to Mayor Campbell.

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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