CiB judges tour Gull Lake

By Craig Baird

It was the big moment we were all waiting for. After months of preparation and the entire town getting on the Communities in Bloom bandwagon, the judges arrived on Aug. 19, ready to tour the town and judge residents’ efforts.

Beginning in the morning, the tour started with the judges meeting with town officials and Communities in Bloom committee members to ask about the town and what it had done over the past few months to prepare.

Following the meet and greet, judges started their tour of the town. Visiting the old shoe shop of Wong Guy first, the judges were impressed with how the building has remained untouched for over 30 years, offering a glimpse into the past.

After the shoe shop tour, judges viewed the various changes made downtown to local businesses in preparation for Communities in Bloom.

Following lunch, the judges toured the cemetery, saw the landfill, and did a residential tour to view the hard work of residents, including the CiB Block Winners on Howard.

Overall, everyone felt the tour went very well.

“The tour went very well and I was impressed by the thoroughness of the judges,” Mayor Blake Campbell said. “The response from the judges was very positive. They seemed very interested in the Communities in Bloom Committee’s downtown beautification initiatives. They certainly had a genuine interest in the community and I believe they very much enjoyed their tour.”

On the tour, the judges took several pictures and notes and gave positive feedback to committee members.

“All we can do now is wait until the final score and evaluation [that] is released in late September. The final evaluation will give the CiB Committee a good idea of what projects should be undertaken next year,” Campbell said. “The final evaluation will also help determine if we are ready to enter at a competitive level next year.”

In terms of the community, Mayor Campbell feels that everyone rose to the occasion.

“Our CiB Committee members and all of its volunteers did a great job organizing and executing this year’s project. Our town crew did a great job keeping our streets clean and kept the grass cut in all our public places, painted fire hydrants and assisted the CiB committee when called upon,” Mayor Campbell said. “Many of our residents and businesses went the extra mile in sprucing up our town with some nice floral displays, and kept their properties neat and clean.”

For Mayor Campbell, the highlight of the tour was the downtown portion.

“We were all very proud of the improvements that were made to give the downtown a new and improved look,” Mayor Campbell said. “We all enjoyed afternoon tea at the museum, Little Green in the Park, a tour of the CiB Block and Business Planter competition winners.”

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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