By Layla Baird

“Gull Lake is a town with no shortage of community pride, and volunteers that get behind projects, and activities that benefit the community.” – Town of Gull Lake Set to Participate in 2013 Communities in Bloom, Feb. 9, 2013.

Truer words could not have been spoken. Gull Lake has come a long way since work started on the town to prepare it for Communities in Bloom. While a few projects may not have been completed in time for the official evaluation, everyone in Gull Lake should be bursting with well-deserved pride with what was accomplished this summer. Residents and businesses did a phenomenal job in polishing up the gem that is Gull Lake, and a special thanks and congratulations are in order for Town Council, the Beautification Committee and volunteers for all the time and energy they devoted to this project.

According to an earlier post on Gull Lake’s blog, Town of Gull Lake Set to Participate in 2013 Communities in Bloom, from Feb. 9, 2013, the goal for this year’s participation was to learn more about the program and to better prepare for the competitive category for Communities in Bloom. While the town did not enter the competitive category this year, it was still evaluated in the same way and it offered an excellent opportunity to note where other improvements can be made in the future. 

After seeing the vast improvements that were made in such a short time this summer, there is little doubt in the potential of this community to do well in its future participation of the program in the competitive category. Gull Lake didn’t just wade into the waters of this challenge, it cannon-balled. If this is what this town can do in just a few short months, just think of what it can do in future years in addition to the work that has already been completed?

In regards to the formal evaluation performed by the Communities In Bloom judges who visited Gull Lake on Aug. 19, 2013, we will not receive the results until the end of September. Whatever those results may be, however, we should take pride in the fact that this community came together and did a fantastic job. There is little doubt that Gull Lake will be ready to compete soon. Even if our town doesn’t always get the kind of recognition it deserves every year, at least we know that we’ve given it our best shot and do our best to look after the town we call home. Even if non-residents don’t realize it, we should be confident in the knowledge that we live in one of the most beautiful communities around; we have gorgeous golden fields surrounding our heavily treed community, a rich history, great people, and a tight-knit community that doesn’t shrink from a challenge.

Congratulations Gull Lake on a job well done.

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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