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Back to School Tips Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Chinook School Division

We’re just a couple of days away from the first day of school and the Chinook School Division has some tips for parents making last second preparations.

“One of the things we encourage parents to do is to check our website regularly throughout the year,” said Communications Coordinator Joanne Booth. “You can find news, photos, information and resources. Many of the schools have websites as well so make sure you get in touch with those and check in.”

One step you can take is getting your children prepared for the hours they will be keeping for the next 10 months.

“Right now what you should be thinking about is getting into a solid routine for bed time and getting up,” Booth said. “A week before school is a good time to start. Of course we’re only a few days out at this point, but it isn’t too late to take the long weekend to adjust.”

“A good night sleep and breakfast is integral to your child’s learning experience so you definitely want to start doing this so that next week isn’t as much of a struggle.”

There are preparations you can make at home as well.

“Creating a homework station is a really good idea for all ages,” Booth noted. “A designated area with a desk or table that’s comfortable or quiet. Make it a no device zone so to avoid distractions like texting, social media, video, TV and games.”

Here are some other tips:

  1. Get back into a solid routine for bedtime and getting up – a week before school is a good time frame to start…but it’s not too late to take the long weekend to adjust! A good night’s sleep and breakfast is integral to your child’s learning experience.
  1. Make sure you have all your school supplies on the list provided by your school – get them organized, labeled and packed so they are ready to go on the morning of the first day of school.
  1. Plan and shop for healthy breakfasts and lunches in advance – this will save time, money and stress. Pack lunches the night before, and help your child assemble their own lunch so they can learn about healthy, balanced nutrition. Pre-prepare whatever you can for breakfast the next morning.
  1. Create a Homework Station – a designated area with a desk or table that is comfortable and quiet. Make it a “no-device zone” to avoid distractions like texting, social media, video, tv or games. Decide on a designated regular time for homework, reading and studying.
  1. Encourage safety – go over the rules for bus safety. If your children walk to school make sure they are prepared, find a buddy to walk with and talk to them about safe pedestrian habits and dealing with strangers.
  1. Be involved as a parent – volunteer, attend your school’s open houses, special events, SCC meetings, parent-teacher and student-led conferences. Read the newsletters, student agendas and notes, and check the school website.
  1. Promote literacy at home – our Balanced Literacy initiative is now in maintenance mode and remains a focus in the classroom. Read with your kids regularly and make sure they have books that are interesting to them. Visit the library and let them browse and explore different genres that are age appropriate.
  1. One of our main initiatives is Math Momentum and there are a variety of resources for parents posted on our website under the Math Momentum banner. Direct link:
    In support of the Math Momentum initiative, Chinook has a few words of advice for parents to consider:
  1. Be positive about math and model the way that you do things. Also, be open to the fact that there may be other ways that are equally valid and might make more sense to your child.
  2. Encourage your child to be persistent and not give up easily when working on problems.
  3. Ask your child questions about what they are thinking and understanding. Don’t be too quick to provide them with a solution.

Go to for more tips on how to support your child’s learning experience in school and at home. 

Parents can check regularly for news, photos, information and resources.

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