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By Craig Baird

If a recent rental ad has anything to say about Gull Lake’s future, things are looking up for our small community.

After placing an ad for a rental property, Mayor Blake Campbell found himself receiving several phone calls from potential future residents hoping to snap up the property.

“I was somewhat surprised that the last vacancy lasted only four days, and we received eight calls from people planning to move to Gull Lake,” Campbell said. “In comparison, last spring we had six calls over a month period to fill a vacancy we had in our fourplex.”

As for how much Gull Lake is growing each year, numbers are difficult to estimate.

“Last year, I think we were all surprised to see the enrolment numbers in our school up significantly,” Campbell said. “Actual growth numbers are difficult to estimate but the 2012 Saskatchewan Health Population Estimate put the town at 1,369 people versus the 2012 Census of 989 people. The actual number is somewhere in the middle, about 1,100 I would suspect.”

In the past few years, several new homes have been built and new residents have moved to the town.

“Our Centennial Subdivision continues to see growth with another lot sold this year bringing the total to five lots sold,” Campbell said.

Council is working hard to attract people to Gull Lake, to help the town remain a viable and interesting option for potential residents.

“The first thing to do was to establish an effective web presence to showcase our community to the world. Next, we turned our attention to giving the town a new look by establishing the Communities in Bloom Committee and supporting their efforts to beautify the town,” Campbell said. “We have increased our efforts at creating and promoting events such as the Christmas Cove, Winterfest and the Sunbridge Community Picnic.”

Hosting events helps to draw people in from your trading area, giving people the chance to see what the community is all about.

“Tourism also plays a part in the plan, which is why council actively supports the efforts of the Tourism Committee and has been a supporter of the development of the Cypress Hills Destination Area,” Campbell said. “While growth will not happen overnight, it does appear to be taking place and this is a positive sign for the future sustainability of the town.”

As for why Gull Lake is becoming more popular, Campbell feels it has a lot to do with the town no longer flying under the radar.

“I think Gull Lake has always been an attractive place to live, but we have been quietly flying under everyone’s radar,” Campbell said. “That is not the case anymore as we will continue to actively look for ways to market and promote Gull Lake as a great place to live and do business.”

What does all this mean for the town? Put simply, sustainability.

“While we have no desire to become a city, we also don’t want to become a ghost town either,” Campbell said. “Some growth is necessary to offset the decline in the rural population around the town in order to secure the future sustainability of the town.”

Gull Lake becoming attractive place to live | The Gull Lake Advance.

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