Chinook’s Math Momentum Making Progress

Chinook's Math Momentum Making Progress Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Mathematics Chinook School Division

The Chinook School Division is reporting strong progress in their Math Momentum program.

They’re aiming to have 25% more students meeting or exceeding expectation by June 2015.

The math assessments indicate there was an additional 7% increase in 2012-2013, resulting in an 18% overall increase in the first 2 years.

“We’re probably even ahead a little bit,” said Bob Vavra, Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. “But that’s not going to make us complacent. We have additional coaches being put in place next year, we have our guided math coming out this year in all our schools… we’re really looking forward to the results that’s going to be providing in the future and what’s that’s going to mean for Chinook students in math.”

The largest gains were made among grade 9 students who have 23.7% more students meeting expectations over the first two years of the program, while grade 3s have improved 11% and grade 6s are up 12.2%.

“We have strong gains in those areas but we also had more room to gain,” Vavra said. “We still have lots of room to grow especially at the grade 6 and 9 level, but we put in some resources that will help us get there.”

He noted the two additional coaches they are bringing in come at the request of the teachers and despite the fact that they are ahead of schedule.

65% of students in grades 3, 6 and 9 are now meeting or exceeding expectations.

“Do the Math” intervention programs were introduced in a few schools and they are developing a math intervention process.

“We’ve done quite a bit of research into math interventions,” Vavra said. “We’ve found a few that have worked really well. We piloted them in a few schools and they’re having incredible results.”

“If you look back at our balanced literacy in the past we were able to reach a number of students that struggle with their reading and get them up to level. What we’ve found is those students will stay at level once they’re done with the intervention.”

2012-2013 was the second year of the initiative. Vavra noted teachers were focusing on using First Steps in Math and Numeracy Nets in classrooms to support math learning. Chinook also introduced a standard 60-minute block for Math instructional time to ensure 300 minutes of math will be in all K-9 classrooms, and all schools implemented the block in their timetable planning for this year.

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