Province Halts Curriculum Overhaul

Province Halts Curriculum Overhaul Education Government  Government of Saskatchewan Curriculum

Further changes to the education curriculum around the province have been put on the back burner, while the ministry prepares to take a closer look at their top priorities.

A number of changes were brought in with the new school year and now the province wants to take a step back and put more of a focus on what would best benefit students and their teachers. A minimum 950 hours of instructional time and a post-Labour day start were just a couple notable differences.

Assistant Deputy Minister of Education, Greg Miller says they plan on opening up the dialogue this fall. “Certainly, folks can visit the ministry website for information around curriculum and the best and closest source for students and parents is to work with their teachers and school divisions around what their plan is.”

But there are some initiatives that will be going forward such as the piloting of high school science and French curriculum. Other day to day policy work will also continue such as the anti-bullying campaign and work on capital projects.

The provincial government came under fire recently for announcing some wide sweeping changes without consulting some of the people most affected like teachers, students and parents.

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