Almanac Predicts Cold, Snowy Winter Ahead

Almanac Predicts Cold, Snowy Winter Ahead SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Environment

It’s a prediction that won’t likely sit well with the majority of Saskatchewan residents, but if it’s incorrect as it was last year, it’ll be cause for celebration.

We’re still about a month away, but according to Jack Burnett with the “Old Farmer’s Almanac“, we can expect another cold and snowy winter season, saying a jetstream lying across the Canada-U.S border will likely bring back some very frigid temperatures.

“It will be starting late October, but nothing serious,” he said. “It won’t necessarily be an earlier winter, it will just be the traditional heavy-duty winter. We’re going to get back to the old normal type of ‘cold-snow-cold-snow’ that we usually have.”

Burnett called for a mild and dry winter last year, which couldn’t have been farther from the truth as much of Saskatchewan was hit with record cold and snowfall amounts.

The latest edition of the Almanac is in stores now.

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