Economic Overview

According to Statistics Canada’s revised estimates released on April 26, 2013, Saskatchewan posted a GDP (at basic prices in 2007 chained dollars) of $55.5 billion in 2012, an increase of 2.2 per cent from 2011. This ranked third among the provinces in terms of percentage growth.

The Conference Board of Canada expects that Saskatchewan’s economy will grow by 3.5 per cent for 2013 and 2.4 per cent for 2014, the second-highest and fourth-highest growth rates among the provinces, respectively. Two of seven private-sector forecasters expect that Saskatchewan will be second in growth in 2013; five say third.

According to the latest Metropolitan Outlook from the Conference Board, Regina and Saskatoon are estimated to have had the second-highest and third-highest GDP growth among the 13 largest census metropolitan areas (CMA) in 2013, with growth rates of 3.5 per cent and 3.4 per cent, respectively. In 2014, the Regina CMA is forecast to grow by 4.1 per cent (the highest growth rate), while the Saskatoon CMA will grow by 3.7 per cent (second-highest).

For more in-depth information about a wide range of indicators associated with Saskatchewan’s economic performance, please view the Monthly Economic Indicators Reports (MEIR).

Saskatchewan 2012 Real GDP, at Basic Prices, by Industry (Percentage of Total)

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