Community Market

By Layla Baird

Last Thursday was the final time that the community market in Gull Lake would be held in 2013. How well the market did this year will be a major factor in determining whether it will be back next year, or not at all. Ed Lowenberger, chair of the committee that put together the community market, took a moment to talk about the market and its future.

“For the first year of this market, it went over really well,” said Lowenberger. “We had to get over a few hiccups along the way, but this is to be expected as we have never done anything like this before. We had some vendors signed up that never showed at all, or maybe showed up for one or two markets. This is one area that we will need to address in the off season. On a consistent average, we had seven vendors that showed up for markets.”

Lowenberger went on to say that the public response to the market was phenomenal. There was plenty of positive feedback and questions from the general public, and many visitors even stayed at the market to enjoy a cup of coffee and sometimes a meal. The market turned out better than the committee expected, and there are already ideas being discussed for what can be done to improve it for next year.

“Something that we will continue to do at all future markets is to rotate the vendors’ tables so that all vendors have a chance at the best spot,” Lowenberger said. “There is a lot of work to be done in the off season, such as getting vendors, present and new ones, signed up so that we can offer a wider variety of products. Also getting all necessary permits in place earlier. Upgrade the quality of advertising, review and make any changes to the rules and regulations. Getting more individuals on this committee as the extra help is always needed. Also some additional changes [and] additions that will soon be in the works that I cannot comment on at this time.”

The hours of the market will also change, but there is still some discussion as to whether the market will remain bi-weekly or become a weekly event.

“The hours will change a little, but we will stay with the Thursday afternoons as this seemed to work out the best for most of the vendors as they also attend other markets in different locations on different days,” Lowenberger said. “Hopefully we can start themarket in May and have it run until [the] end of September.”

Lowenberger mentioned that the fees will also be reviewed during the off season, and added that any change would not be significant. It is hoped that more vendors will participate next year so that a broader variety of products will be available. 

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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