Keep The Gull Lake Pool Running “Swimingly”

By Layla Baird

It seems the Gull Lake swimming pool could use little more help before the year is out.  The time has finally come when the issue that has been building up for many years needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.  While the pool, which was built in 1978 has had many of its cracks patched over the years, the time has come to repair it if it is to remain functional.

The proposal which can be viewed on the Aviva Community Website, states that the plan is to install a Natatec PVC Welded Membrane liner after this upcoming swimming season to cover the cracks, eliminating the need for the patching and painting that GLSP endures prior to each season.  These liners also reduce water loss, therefore decreasing energy costs and chemical usage.

“We had a rep from Paradise Leisurescapes come to see our pool in summer of 2012, and he told us that a liner would take care of the cracks in the bottom of the pool, “Sara Kuntz Gull Lake and Area Recreation Director said.  “We might be able to squeak one more summer out without a liner.”

Thanks to the Aviva Community Fund, it may be possible to have the liner replaced with the hope that money awarded from the fund will cover most, if not all of the cost.  However, the proposal will need as much support as it can if it has any chance of qualifying.

Kuntz added that the liner will last between 20 to 25 years, but will cost about $90,000 to install.  This is why sending a proposal to the Aviva Community Fund was seen as an excellent opputunity.

“We will only make it through qualifying rounds if people spread the word and vote, “Kuntz said. “Voting begins September 30 and ends on Oct 14. Everyone is allowed 15 votes (with) one per day.  In order to vote you must go to the aviva-community and regester. You can do that before Sept 30, so when opening day rolls around you’re ready to vote.”

To view the proposal click on the link below.

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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