Province Listening to Local Long-Term Care Concerns

Province Listening to Local Long-Term Care Concerns Government Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Nursing home Long-term care Government of Saskatchewan Cypress Health Region

The Saskatchewan government is taking the next step in responding to feedback they’ve received from health region CEOs on the condition of long-term care facilities around the province.

“I had asked the senior leadership of all our health regions to do a tour of all of the 156 long-term care facilities that we have,” said provincial Health Minister Dwight Duncan. “They reported back on their findings on a facility to facility basis.”

{mp3}duncanoct2{/mp3}Dwight Duncan Interview”We’ve had a chance to look at the feedback which identified some opportunities we can improve on care and some challenges we face, as well as things that are going right.”

There were a couple of items that came up specifically in looking a reports from the Cypress Health Region.

“I think residents were looking for some more activities especially on weekends,” Duncan said. “Perhaps some opportunities for more time outdoors. As was noted in other health regions, just issues around the availability of perhaps having more than one bath per week and things like that.”

Now that they know the issues the government has to figure out how to address them.

“I’m looking forward to the feedback from the health regions in how they would try to adjust scheduling and adjust staffing in how they would be able to do something like that,” he said. “This may be also an opportunity to not only engage families more but volunteer organizations in providing some of those activities particularly on weekends.”

According to a government release, CEOs noted some challenges including food (quality, variety and meal times), care issues (complexity, behaviour management, delays in provision of care), safety (resident needs, staff training), resident mix (placing young with older, frail residents), and aging infrastructure. They’ve taken a more immediate step to deal with issues that have come up in the reports around the province.

“The government has set aside $10 million for an urgent issues action fund,” Duncan said. “What I will require the CEOs to do is present a business case in order to access those dollars that would directly address some of the issues and challenges they reported to me.”

Duncan added he was pleased by some steps our local health region has been taking in regards to the the Eden Alternative, a non-profit organization that provides education and consultation for organizations across the entire continuum of care.

“The Cypress Health Region is I think on the right track in terms of the extensive Eden training that they’ve completed in their facilities and looking in how they can implement the Eden model throughout their long-term care facilities.”

Other responses to the report include additional Lean work in select facilities aimed at identifying efficiencies that maximize staff time spent on direct resident care, establishing Resident and Family Councils at all long-term care facilities and annual CEO visits to their respective long-term care facilities to provide updates to the Minister on improvements.

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