Results are in! Two blooms!

By Craig Baird

After several weeks of waiting, Gull Lake finally learned how many blooms it had received. While one bloom is given to any community that participates, Gull Lake took it a step further and was able to bring home two blooms. Any community that receives 55 to 63 points receives two blooms.

In the competition, Gull lake scored a total of 631 out of 1000, good for 63 per cent or two blooms. If Gull Lake had of received one more percentage point, it would have walked away with three blooms.

“I believed when we entered the CiB, we would do well. I have often been told by newcomers that Gull Lake is a very nice town and I believed that we would do well when we were evaluated,” Mayor Blake Campbell said.

For the competition, Gull Lake scored the following:

  • Tidiness: 92.5 out of 150
  • Environmental Action: 80 out of 150
  • Heritage Conservation: 108 out of 150
  • Urban Forestry: 118 out of 175
  • Landscape: 126.5 out of 200
  • Floral Displays: 106 out of 175

Overall, Mayor Campbell is very happy with the score.

“It is a great score for our first time in the CiB program,” Campbell said. “Residents of Gull Lake can take pride in their community.”

In the general comments, the town’s website and Facebook page were commended and the many new events that have sprung up were applauded as well. The judges recommended having a volunteer recognition night for the many CiB volunteers, but criticized the path of the highway as it goes through town.

“For practical and safety reasons, consider reviewing the traffic patterns,” the report read.

The judges remarked that the first impression of Gull Lake is a positive one, the hydrants look smart and the furniture is new and sturdy.

“Good words to hear from the judges who came to evaluate the community objectively,” Campbell said.

The gateway entrances were mentioned as inviting and the town’s block beautification program was applauded. The front of the school was mentioned as quite tidy. However, the judges did address the derelict buildings in town as a problem, and called the sign corridor outside of town an ‘eyesore’.

“The signs make the entrance to Gull Lake look tired,” the report read.

“There will always be room for improvement and once the CiB committee has had a chance to review the evaluation in detail, they will identify next year’s project,” Campbell said.

The town’s environmental initiatives were commended but judges recommended further development of the local wind power to reduce electricity bills.

One area of special mention by the judges was the murals.

“The murals around town tell a story,” the report read. “The murals at the skating rink are especially good.”

Judges also mentioned putting a commemorative plaque out front of the Lyceum Theatre.

The many trees and overall landscape of Gull Lake was also praised, including Little Green on the Prairie.

“I wish to thank the Communities in Bloom Committee and the many volunteers for all they did to beautify the downtown, entrances to town, the flowerbed by the ambulance base, Little Green on the Prairie and the Community Gardens,” Campbell said. “I would also like to thank participants of the community Earth Day celebration and all the residents who participated by keeping their yards neat and tidy as tidiness is an important category in the evaluation. Job well done Gull Lake!”

Article Compliments of Gull Lake Advance

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