Cypress Health Completes Accreditation Survey

Cypress Health Completes Accreditation Survey Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Cypress Health Region

The Cypress Health Region got a visit from eight healthcare professionals from across Canada for a National Quality Improvement Accreditation Survey last week.

“There are 220 different standards that we’re measured too, so it’s very rigorous,” said Health Region CEO Beth vachon. “The whole purpose is to ensure that we are offering safe service, and that always what we’re working towards.”

Vachon says the survey identified a number of strengths within the organization, as well as opportunities for improvement, adding one of the suggestions made was to use population health data better when planning programs.

“While we do some of that, I think that there’s more information readily available that we could be using to really determine what kind of programs we need, where we need them and who is that population that we serve,” she said.

Vachon adds the survey also identified a need for additional consistency when rolling out new programs, and efforts toward medication reconciliation.

She said they did receive some positive feedback on a number of items, including planning for the new Long Term Care Centre in Swift Current.

“In particular, what they noted was how we included staff, our residents and their families to give us the kind of input that we need to ensure that our facility will meet the needs of the people that we will provide care to,” she said.

Vachon adds they also received good words on their committment to Lean initiatives, and their new mobile health services program which they started this year in Eastend.

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