Gull Lake to present to developers in Swift Current

By Craig Baird

Sitting at the crossroads of major highways, in the heart of oil territory, Gull Lake is primed to be a place for development in Saskatchewan. To that end, the Town of Gull Lake will be giving a presentation to developers in Swift Current on Nov. 21 as part of the Head Start on a Home Forum.

“The purpose of the presentation is to present builders and developers at the forum with our building and development opportunities,” Mayor Blake Campbell said. “Although the presentation is being developed for the Head Start on a Home Forum, it will also be a useful promotional tool that will be made available on our website.”

The Head Start on a Home Forum is a program that educates builders and developers on what the building needs are in communities across Saskatchewan.

“We have been invited to showcase our building and development opportunities to potential builders and developers in our area,” Mayor Campbell said. “One of the opportunities that we will be promoting at the Forum will be our Centennial Subdivision as this would be an excellent opportunity for the right builder or developer.”

The hope is  that a builder or developer will be attracted to the community and gain an interest in building here.

“Builders and developers will go to communities where they see potential and can help significantly in helping the community grow,” Campbell said. “That is because they actively market and promote the opportunities that they are working on in the communities they are in.”

Many other towns are actively marketing themselves and Gull Lake will be joined by Shaunavon and Maple Creek at the presentation.

“In order to keep our community sustainable, we must be just as active in our marketing and promoting efforts if we are to meet our future growth needs,” Campbell said.

Next up for the town will be speaking with local businesses about opportunities and how to bring more businesses into town.
“Last spring we met with downtown businesses, listening to their concerns and asking questions on how we could help them,” Campbell said. “We are compiling that now.”

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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