Anderson Comments on Throne Speech

Anderson Comments on Throne Speech Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Government of Canada

The new session of Parliament started Wednesday with the Speech from the Throne, outlining the Conservative government’s priorities for the second half of their mandate.

While the speech mostly focused on measures to create jobs and initiatives for consumers, Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP David Anderson says he was pleased to see plans for legislation to mandate balanced budgets.

“I’ve been somebody who’s believed for years that government should balance its budget,” he said. “We are committed to balancing it by 2015, and then also bringing in balanced budget legislation.”

Anderson added that he also liked another measure that he says will support victims of crime and punish criminals.

“One of the things we are going to do is make it illegal to distribute personal images without permission,” he said. “That’s been a factor in a number of suicides of young people across the country, so I think that’s showing good leadership.”

The speech also included a number of initiatives to benefit consumers, including reducing wireless roaming costs, making drug labels easier to read for the general public, and forcing cable and satellite TV companies to “unbundle” channels, something Anderson thinks people will enjoy.

“People will be able to have a choice of the channels that they wanted, and pay for what they want to watch,” he added. “I think that’s been a ‘bugaboo’ for lots of people over the years, and they would like to have that option.”

Anderson adds they are also expected to reach a trade deal with Europe very soon, and says that will make a difference for Canadian trade and jobs.

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